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T2 Modus

  • 905 Shadow Ridge Dr.

    Highland Village TX 75077
  • 800-257-9722
  • Company Overview
    • Privately Held
    Key Executives
      • Jim Roach, CEO
      • Ken Potter, President
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    Email Marketing
    Direct Mail
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    Editor's Insights

    Editor: Molly Curry

    September, 2017 - AI is a hot topic in automotive retail these days. With new car profits dwindling and major shifts in manufacturing on distant horizons, car dealers need to look at their business smarter. T2 has some strong bones. Jim Roach brings his automotive tech background to the industry. He and his team wants to help dealers find the gold in their customer base and provide them with an efficiency model that will sell cars and keep the service drive busy. As with any AI, the algorithm gets smarter and smarter. It takes them about two days to scrub your data and find the customers who are ready to buy. Then using a flurry of marketing tools including ringless voicemail, they will launch the campaign. Rather than spending $20k to sell 55-80 cars, why not spend one-quarter of that to get to the same number?