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Simple Dealer Suite

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    Boca Raton FL 33488
  • 954-800-5199
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    • 954-951-9515
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    • Year Business Started 2010
    • Private
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    • Howard Bodner
      Lou Bachrodt Chevrolet Mazda Pompano Beach
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    Website Add-on
    Auto Remarketing
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    Editor's Insights

    Editor: Molly Curry

    Smit Shah, the owner of Simple Dealer Suite, is a programmer, and, at heart, a problem solver. Years ago when i worked with a dealer, they had a great site called Chevy Coupon and received great results from it. The shopper could go into the site click on the model they were interested in and within seconds have a printable coupon. The dealer used billboards to broadcast the URL and the site had a long, strong run. Smit created that site. Now he has built a quick and easy way for dealers to manage their inventory going through reconditioning. He has other products like a popup text messaging solution and a group solution for internal trades. You can best experience his products by signing up for a free trial on his website.