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  • 3301 North Thanksgiving Way
    Suite 500
    Lehi UT 84043
  • 801-758-0580
  • 801-758-0580
  • Company Overview
    • Year Business Started 2014
    • Private
    • # of Employees: 250
    • # of Customers: 13,000 businesses and 100,000 users
    • GM iMR Approved
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    Reputation Management

    Editor's Insights

    Editor: Molly Curry

    With a 98% open rate and a 20-25% click through rate, Podium’s service satisfies the dealers need to get on Google, Facebook, Dealer Rater and other sites. The technology is slick, and it works. But retailing is a people business, so dealers will need to monitor the process. It is still permission-based marketing. The service advisor or the sales team should appropriately engage with the customer and ask for participation and use the Podium app to start the process. This process is necessary for a successful outcome. If the advisor doesn’t get the customer’s phone number then starts the process on the app, the customer never gets the text message. Podium does have an automation solution and can integrate with CRM and DMS platforms. But, how easy is it for the customer to get a text on their cell phone, click on the link and within a few taps, the dealer has a review on Facebook or Google? That’s the other part of the technology that is different. From the Podium dashboard, the dealer sends the review invite to the customer’s cell phone. If they have a Facebook or Gmail app on their phone (remember: all Androids come with that app already loaded), then seamlessly the customer can choose where their review will appear. No signup. No login process. See some of their tech flow here in their promotional video: starting at the 30-second mark.

    Event and Conference Participation
    • NADA, New Orleans, 2017 Digital Dealer, Tampa, 2017